The Human Project

What should our generation do to advance the HUMAN project?

We know more. We are more connected. We can think bigger. We can dream bigger. We can mobilize at an unprecedented scale.

So let's do it. Let's go all the way.

This is an invitation.

To wrap our minds around the big questions: Who are we, humans? Who should we become? Where should we head next?

Unleash your mind. Imagine.

What could be more important than finding our place in the grand scheme of existence? What could be more exciting than pushing the HUMAN project forward?

Who are we?

Who are we? How we see ourselves shapes our future as a species. The process is subtle but its impact is decisive as a sledge hammer.

See a creative species—and we will go places we have never been. See a failed species—and the only thing left to do is go quietly into the night.

Where should we head next?

To get us all thinking, we paint a picture in broad strokes:

  • Challenges we should include in our field of vision.
  • Ultimate goals to get our minds anchored.
  • Milestones for the year 2050 to get us moving.
  • A snapshot of where we are right now.

The HUMAN project.

What if we took it literally? What if it were an actual project? A way for our generation to come together? Learn faster. Go places. Do our part. Contribute to the ascent of our species.

Take your pick.

Choose APP if you want to experience ideas—see, hear, touch them.

Choose BOOK if you like the quiet intimacy of the written word and still image.

Choose SOUNDTRACK if you want to take the spirit of the HUMAN project on the road.